Who we are, by our creator.


 “From my early years I have been fascinated by the whole aspect of time, for that it is the centre of everything we do in our life.” In my early twenties I thrived with passion in the whole knowledge of business and decided to place the founds of my first production company within Armenia. This gave me great knowledge and the stepping stone to my success today as a world class watch manufacturer. It was in 1990 that I combined all my passions together creating what is now known as a successful brand within Armenia and internationally. It all began with sleek elegant designs affordable to the high street customers. I achieved this by finding the best of local resources within Armenia that we still use to this very day. In my first year as my business grew and became well established I knew there was a great demand for honest and trustworthy craftsmanship. So I set to work at designing some of my most beautiful pieces using high quality gold and diamonds, expanding my range from what high street customers wanted to expensive must have collectables. These types of watches are not only appreciated by  Armenians but also by the many tourists, businessmen and businesswomen who walk into our store and purchase in one of my fine time pieces.

 My sons take a great interest in what I do and they have helped bring it all into the 21st century and into the global marketplace. In renewing my designs with the latest technology and extending my range enormously they are brining the next generation into what we do,

Guaranteed quality, sheer excellence & time made beautiful. 

 At Nikolay watches we do not focus our business on profit, we focus on the time it takes to make the perfect piece of craftsmanship, so that every owner puts his trust in who we are and what Nikolay is all about.


Company Founder, Nikolay Balayan